Professional Leadership

Using management tools that focus on goals and employees

Regardless what kind of technique you use, be it discussing an employee’s individual expectation or the progress they have made in achieving a goal, by using management tools and results-oriented communication in a professional way you will inspire your employees and lead your teams to outstanding performance.



This training course has a strong practical orientation and will help you strengthen your own leadership style in a way that focuses on goals and, at the same time, the people who work for you. The course is designed to increase your confidence in managing staff in a successful and motivating atmosphere.

Target Group

This training course is intended for people in leadership positions who wish to strengthen their own personal style of leadership and develop more confidence in managing personnel.


Over a period of 6 days which are each based on one another, you will learn the key factors in developing a leadership style that focuses on goals as well as the people in your team. New ideas will be tried out straightaway in a series of practical exercises.

During the practical periods between the training sessions you can apply newly acquired knowledge within your company to get used to behaving in new ways. A number of tandem groups will be set up in class for learning purposes. These will be supplemented by coaching calls that you and the other participants make to each other at set times during the periods of practice at work. Each further day of training is linked to the experience you gain in these practical periods and builds on it.

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  • Awareness of the key areas of responsibility in management
  • Recognising change quickly and reacting to it properly
  • Making decisions known to employees in a competent way
  • Optimising the personal impression you make on employees
  • How to turn a talk about a dispute into a win-win situation
  • Having professional talks about staff development
  • Promoting creative solutions in a team
  • Talking to people as partners and results-oriented communication
  • Delegating tasks properly
  • Defining goals together
  • Having talks with employees to give them negative feedback
  • Optimising collaborative work by clarifying each other’s expectations
  • Talking with employees about goal attainment
  • How praise can motivate employees
  • Holding effective meetings