Licence to Lead

The management training programme with dual accreditation

Management staff play a major role in a company's success. They are responsible for the professional development of each member of staff, are meant to set a good example and help to shape the company's corporate culture by their own mangerial conduct.



The blended learning programme Licence to Lead will help you develop your own conscious style of management and to master modern leadership challenges. On the course, you will not only be equipped with an effective and practical management toolset, but most importantly you will actively practice applying these tools at your workplace. It's your daily challenges we focus on and you will gain both, confidence and competency in leading people down the road to success.

Target Group

Licence to Lead is a training course tailored for junior and senior management staff who wish to obtain professional training in personnel management. This group of persons can include team leaders, department heads and division managers as well as employees who are in the process of transitionnning into a management role. During this training course the participants will work on strengthening their own style of leadership, gain confidence in dealing with the managerial responsibilities and increase employee motivation in a noticeable way.


Licence to Lead is a three-part training programme that successfully combines classroom instruction with practical tasks done at work and interactive web-based training. Two major German auditors, TÜV Rheinland and the Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) have both given the programme their official accreditation, which means that you can be assured of getting innovative, high-quality training.

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  • Basic principles of professional leadership
  • Analysing your personal strengths Conducting job interviews
  • Styles of management and transparency
  • Formulating goals
  • Management by objectives (MBO)
  • Checking goal attainment
  • Assigning tasks to others
  • Praise and recognition
  • Giving employees negative feedback in a constructive way
  • Annual performance interviews as ongoing reviews of progress
  • Conducting group discussions professionally
  • Setting a good example as a manager
  • Talking to employees about their returning to work again
  • Talking to employees to sort out disputes
  • Making (awkward) decisions known to employees


You need to discuss your transfer task with your superior at work as you will be carrying it out there while the training course is running. This ensures that the positive changes in your attitude and behaviour that you experience on the training programme will be felt at work as well.


  • Overview of specific theories of management and leadership
  • Basic principles of communication theory
  • Corporate governance Compliance
  • Strategic leadership
  • Performance-based team-building
  • Basic principles of typology (e.g. based on LIFO®)
  • Managers in the role of coaches
  • Change management
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Basic principles of time management and self-management
  • Basic principles of project management
  • Business etiquette