Project Leadership

Leading projects effectively without being the boss

Employees who are leading projects and who at the same time are facing the customer, quite often find themselves in challenging situations. On one hand they need to lead and motivate their team members and on the other hand it is imperative to have a successful relationship with internal and external stakeholders.


During this course you will learn how to apply your personal leadership style within project teams and when dealing with internal or external stakeholders. You will practice how to communicate expectations effectively and how to conduct progress meetings with your customers.

Target Group

The training course is tailored for team and project leaders, as well as team members who lead a project team without direct reporting line.


During the training sessions you will learn to apply leadership tools within the team as well as with your customers. Examples are the initial dialogue with the customer, followed by a progress dialogue, the requirement analysis and finally the benefit presentsationpresentation. Over a period of five days, designed in a modular way, we will conjointly learn and train conjointly the core principles of how to lead your team to success.

During the training session we will develop precise strategies for your day to day work. You will gain confidence to present results to your internal and external stakeholders. Learning based on first-hand experience is motivational: During the practical periods between the individual training sessions you can apply newly acquired knowledge within your company and results  will be immediately measurable. Each consecutive training session builds on experiences gained from there on.


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  • Leading project teams in a flexible way based on the LIFO® concept
  • Efficient task delegation within the project team
  • Structured meetings with concrete action items
  • Target orientated motivation of  team members
  • Proactively addressing critical issues within the team and/or with the project sponsor
  • Presentation of project progress to project sponsor with the focus on customer-relevant benefits
  • Lead project progress meetings and expand cooperation with project sponsor
  • Lead efficient project meetings with tangible results
  • Successful conflict management within the project team
  • Confidence in the presentation of results