Professional Sales

Winning new customers. Creating values. Expanding potentials.

The individual effort of a sales person is crucial for the customer’s final decision and the overall success of the sale. Apart from vast product knowledge and being highly service oriented, an excellent understanding of customer requirements is essential.


  • How to optimally prepare yourself for a sales call?
  • How to efficiently expand the relationship after the initial contact?
  • How to flexibly react to complex sourcing processes?

During the training sessions you will be encouraged to break new grounds. You will learn to purposefully induce positive decisions, which will boost your personal sales performance.

Target Group

The training is tailored for employees who not only show a keen interest in optimising their       sales and customer service skills but who are also looking to expanding and maintaining their customer relationships on a long-term basis. These include successful sales and marketing      team members with high sales targets, sales and area managers and employees responsible      for internal and/or external sales who would like to develop and optimise their sales skills.


Over a period of four days, designed in a modular way, we will focus on your personal sales style. We will teach, based on practical and relevant customer situations, the mindset and impressions necessary to allow you to improve your personal and sales competence measurably.

During the practical periods between the individual training sessions you can apply newly acquired knowledge to your daily sales activities with an immediately measureable result. Each consecutive training session builds on experiences gained from there on.


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  • Cooperative and results-oriented sales strategies throughout all sales stages
  • Ensure appointments in particular with decision makers
  • Efficient preparation for well-structured sales conversations
  • Triggering a chain reaction with positive effects after the initial customer meeting
  • Presentation techniques used in sales conversations
  • Conscious use of body language
  • Needs analysis through meaningful open ended questions
  • Product and service benefit presentation to the customers
  • To respond competently in difficult sales situations with the help of PROAKTIV® "Positive intervention"
  • React professionally to delaying tactics
  • Optimising of sales conclusion tactics and negotiations
  • How to convert a customer’s complaint into a recommendation