Licence to Sell

The sales training programme with dual accreditation

The future of any business largely depends on the success of its sales staff. Successful salespeople respond to customer requests in a flexible manner, perceive changes at an early stage, and act proactively.


The blended learning programme Licence to Sell will help you to improve your personal sales performance and to achieve sales targets within a certain time frame. On the course, you will learn how to proactively take action and use effective and practical tools to master every day sales challenges in a highly competitive world.

Target Group

This training course is tailored for sales personnel who strive to effectively increase their sustainable sales results in order to secure long-term success and competitiveness for their companies. The course is designed to optimally train and coach the participants for their sales role. They will develop their own personal sales technique, become more confident in sales situations and build a foundation for their success as a sales person.


Licence to Sell consists of three parts that build on one another through a blended learning concept. Active communication and behaviour skills training will be combined with the flexibility of web-based learning. Through the third module, the on-the-job transfer task, newly acquired skills will be applied to daily job situations and are immediately measurable.


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Active Classroom Training

  • What makes a good sales personality
  • How the three "principles of effectiveness" influence sales activities in practice
  • Recognising and controlling change
  • Conscious, personal sales techniques
  • Target- and customer-oriented sales approach
  • Transparency of the sales cycle
  • LIFO® strengths profiles
  • Effective arranging of appointments at the decision-making level
  • Preparing for a well-structured meeting/conversation
  • Making initial contact in a personal way (with various conversation starters)
  • Success factors of a professional needs analysis
  • Target oriented benefit presentation
  • PROAKTIV®’s notion of "positive intervention" in difficult sales situations
  • Turning complaints into recommendations
  • Effective sales conclusion and obtaining sound conditions
  • Transparent customer-relationship network
  • Performing as a team
  • Negotiating with decision-making bodies
  • Actively obtaining recommendations
  • Measuring one’s own success


Interactive Web-based Training

  • Successful communication
  • Rhetorical skills in sales
  • Communicating with the customer
  • Strategic selling
  • Old model of selling vs. new model of selling
  • Follow-up on meetings/conversations
  • Performing as a team
  • Negotiating with decision-making bodies
  • Marketing and Sales
  • International business competence
  • Self-organisation and time management
  • Presentation techniques
  • Basics of business etiquette
  • Case studies


On-The-Job Transfer Tasks

Prior to the start of the training, each participant chooses a practical sales project with the help of their superior. This can be any task that includes a sales component such as taking over of an existing client base or a new sales area.