Sales Management

Recognising areas of potential growth and achieving strategic goals

Key account managers are the interface between companies and their key customers. They contribute significantly to the success of a business by working its strategic market and setting up and expanding networks of customers.


On this training course you and your sales team will train essential sales and leadership techniques for building and maintaining long-term relationships with your key customers.

On the web-based training you will receive additional information on key account management strategies, its organisation and development.

Target Group

This training course is designed for key account managers, sales managers and sales staff who are responsible for key accounts. It is also intended for senior management staff who wish to provide one-on-one coaching to members of their key account teams.


This course consists of four consecutive training days that alternate with practical phases in your company. This way, new acquired practical tools can be put into action at workplace straightaway for an immediate and guaranteed learning effect. Further more, this course is complemented with web-based training to support participants with additional information and essentials in sales.

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  • The key account manager as an example to others in the sales team
  • Analysis and evaluation of the way decision-making is organised at key accounts
  • Turning conflict talks into a win-win situation
  • Negotiating pricing and terms with confidence
  • How to encourage your staff to achieve strategic goals together
  • How to make key accounts aware of your company's objectives and strategy
  • Recognising a customer's growth potential and enhancing it
  • Successfully conducting annual performance reviews
  • Motivating and coaching your sales team to get them involved in special tasks