Service Excellence

Pleasing your customers and energising contacts in your own company

Good customer service really does make a difference! It has become increasingly important for customers who are in the decision making process and can be a decisive factor. Providing top-quality service to customers will make your business stand out from the competition. Besides competent and friendly advice, there are often a number of small but important factors that give customers a good feeling and will influence their business decisions.


On this training course, you will develope your personal and conscious style of customer service. You train practical situations and gain confidence and professionalism in dealing with your customers and internal stakeholders. Since your section is close to the customers and their desires, you will automatically contribute to your companies' product development and sales performance.

Target Group

This training event is intended for anyone working in the Customer Service who has contact with customers on the phone or face to face: back-office workers, field-service engineers, hotline staff, customer-service staff, helpdesk staff, and complaints management. It's equally aimed for employees dealing with internal stakeholders regularly.


During this three-modular training course we will focus on enhancing your personal style of customer service by discussing tools and techniques that can help you achieving long-term customer satisfaction. You will learn about ways of interacting with people that will increase your confidence at work and with the customer. These will be based on practical examples from everyday situations you encounter with customers at work. The practical tasks between the training modules, which all participants are required to complete at their workplace, will allow you to put into place what you have learnt. That way, you will experience first-hand what results can be achieved.


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  • Analysing and coping with areas of internal and external conflict in everyday situations at work: network analysis and plans of action
  • Applying the advantages of the Kano model (for analysing customers' wishes) to company-specific approaches to customer service
  • Providing positive rhetorical impulses in conversations with customers
  • Analysing and optimising your own way of dealing with customer-service situations using the LIFO® method
  • Dealing confidently with awkward conversational situations (both internal and external)
  • Collecting specific information intended for product development and sales when you talk to customers
  • Assigning customers how satisfied they are as a way of strengthening long- term customer relationship
  • Getting the customer or people from your own company involved in finding an answer to a problem
  • How to present various solutions in a well and smart way