Excited by Hong Kong. Challenged by Asia. Trained by Germans.

Getting things done

LEADING GERMAN MANAGEMENT TRAININGBeing a company located in Asia ourselves, we understand the need and importance to consistently adjust business strategies and processes to a dynamic business environment - and finally, to take action and get things done. As our client and partner you will benefit from our professional experience in leadership and sales, our effective and redefined training standard combined with the latest know-how and quality made in Germany.

  • Your needs are taken care of - with our natural sense for precision
  • Your employees gain professionalism - we deliver know-how with competence
  • Your company increases its performance - with concrete and measurable results


Quality is a paramount importance for us. We consistently strive towards achieving the highest evaluation from our partners, new clients and also from independent auditors who rate our services and products in order to remain highly professional and develop continuously.

PRO:AKTIV® training courses are based on the principle of learning through personal experience. The training courses have a modular structure. Each day of training is followed by a practical phase at work so that newly acquired skills are instantly applied to day to day workplace situations and are immediately measurable.

By following this highly practical training approach, your employees are empowered to get things done - at once. Your company as well as your trainees are guided by PROAKTIV®'s sustained training standard and will achieve immediate results and a long-term impact in daily operations.